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Cash or Venmo payments accepted. Save 4% by paying cash.

We have closed our Brick & Mortar after 16+ years in Burlington.  Fairfield Shokai is still open as they are different Owners.

Appetizers  & Sushi

Menu for 

IOWA - Albia, Fort Madison,  Keokuk, Keosauqua, Mount Pleasant, Oskaloosa, Ottumwa, Washington, Wellman, & West Point

Check our facebook page Shokai Food Truck for Specials and updates. Some towns Community Pages do not allow us to post in them. Be sure to follow us on facebook. 

Order cancellations must be done within 24 hours of location.  As orders are put in time slots and if a larger order it takes multiple time slots. This gives us time to get those slots filled. If you cancel less than 24 hours you will not be able to pre order or payment will be due at time order is placed and paid via venmo.

We do not do price adjustments for ingredients you take off on rolls or appetizers. 

All prices now include tax. 

Kickin' Pork & Sea Roll 

tempura shrimp, bacon infused cream cheese, cucumber, jalapeno, topped with spicy mayo & unagi sauce. $17

Shokai Firehouse

crab & cream cheese roll lightly battered, topped with spicy tuna mix. $18



chicken, crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, topped with steak, spicy mayo, unagi sauce and sriracha. $19


Fried shrimp, chicken breast, cream cheese topped with spicy mayo, unagi sauce, sriracha. $17


Fried shrimp inside topped with eel, avocado, unagi sauce. $17

Fire dragon

Chopped tuna, cucumber, scallions inside topped with sliced tuna, roe, spicy mayo. $17



Fried shrimp, asparagus, mayo, topped with seared ribeye, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, scallions. $17


Eel, avocado inside topped with assorted sliced fish on top. $17


Snake in the grass

Fried shrimp, cucumber, asparagus, scallions, mayo inside topped with sliced tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, unagi sauce.




Fried Shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, scallions, topped with red tuna, walu, spicy mayo & unagi sauce. $17



Fried Shrimp, cream cheese, topped with eel, salmon, spicy mayo & unagi sauce. $17



Cucumber, avocado, cilantro,  scallions, asparagus, sweet potato.


All prices include Tax.

Cooked Specialty Rolls 

B-Bop Roll - double chicken, sliced jalapeno, scallions, bacon infused cream cheese, topped with seared ribeye, spicy mayo, unagi sauce & sriracha. Large pieces. $19

Rock & Roll - tempura shrimp, spicy crab, scallions, avocado, cucumber, topped with seared salmon, tuna, spicy mayo, unagi sauce and roe. Large pieces.$19

Cowboy Roll* - tempura shrimp, fried chicken, cream cheese, veggies, scallions, topped with smoked salmon and spicy wing sauce. Large pieces. $19

Crab Rangoon roll - crab rangoon mix, tempura battered and topped with sweet and sour sauce. $17

Raw Specialty Rolls 

K-Pop Roll - tuna marinated in Korean BBQ sauce, avocado, scallions, tempura battered & topped with bacon, cream cheese, sour cream & unagi sauce. $17

Inferno Roll - stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese, crab, smoked salmon, tempura battered and topped with spicy mayo and habanero chili sauce. Large pieces. Very Hot. $19

Pokemon Roll- Tempura salmon, cream cheese, crab, scallions and topped with tuna poke mix. $19

*rolls will have seasonal veggies on hand. 

We do not guarantee any cross contamination for gluten, egg, seafood, shellfish, milk, peanut or other food allergies. As this is a small space. Our tempura batter is Eggless.


Sides of House made sauces. $3 ea.  Spicy Mayo, Unagi Sauce, Wing Sauces (Mild & Korean BBQ), Sweet & Sour, Or any house made sauces. 

Shokai Gluten Free Spicy Mayo 12oz Bottles, cash price $7, card/venmo price $9. SPECIAL 2 BOTTLES FOR $10 (CASH ONLY)

 Wasabi - $3 per container     Ginger - $3 per container     Soy Paper- $3 per roll.

Cream Cheese - $1.00 per roll

We do not add sauces to the rolls, they come as sides. 

Kobi shrimp- fried shrimp stuffed with cream cheese, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, scallions, pepper flakes. 2 per order $8

Shokai  Wings

Flavors in

 Shokai Mild Sauce or Korean BBQ.

Fresh wings tempura battered and tossed in our signature mild wing sauce or korean bbq.

6pcs $13

Crab Rangoons 

imatation crab, seasoned cream cheese, scallions and onions. served with sweet & sour sauce.

4 per order. $8

Rice Balls 

Rice ball stuffed with cream cheese and tempura battered. Topped with spicy mayo, unagi sauce and sriracha. 

3 per order. $8

Egg Rolls

 pork, cabbage, scallions,  served with sweet & sour sauce.

 2 per order $6

Any orders $90 or over have a 15% gratuitiy automatically added to the bill.